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Coyote T-shirts & More was established in 2014 with just one customization technique which was Direct to Garment, well known as DTG. Direct to garment printers are made by a few manufacturers but after a considerable amount of research we found that Brother is the leader in this industry. Since our commitment is to provide our customers with high-quality apparel and equipment, we purchased a Brother DTG machine and started serving the awesome public of Calgary. We  have dedicated our time and expertise to give the best quality services and the best quality products. We were rewarded for our dedication by receiving  more than 100 five-star reviews (an average of 4.9 stars) on Google My Business.

As they say that the appreciation is that biggest motivation. We got motivated to expand in terms of space and services to serve Calgary with even more products and more customization techniques with a focus to never compromise the quality of our work.  We moved to a bigger facility to accommodate more products storage and different machinery under one roof for more customization styles.

For quality control, we do all customization in-house. We bought a second  Brother DTG printer that can print even on Polyester garments. We also added Vinyl heat transfer to provide  the most professional customization with neons, glitters, camos, emblems and many more solid colors.

We have six color Screen printers at our Okotoks location to handle bulk orders from corporate customers, customers with a need for Stampede apparel and sports teams.

Our latest investment is a six head embroidery machine. We call it “The Beast” because in the industrial embroidery world, it can handle massive production per day. What that means to you is when you order apparel with embroidery on it, we can produce it  quickly.

The latest addition to our product lines is customizing/personalizing promotional product. Now your can order items like coffee mugs, travel mugs, license plates, mouse pads and many more, all under one big roof.

We are truly your One-Stop customization shop in the city of Calgary.

Rush Orders

Our basic turn-around time for small to mid-size orders is 24 to 48 hours, so we handle almost all orders as Rush orders without any extra charge for rushing the order. We are able to brag that many of our customers have enjoyed our instant service of printing up to five t-shirts order in 20 minutes while browsing different products in our store.



Digital printing processes have been developed specifically to address quality, efficiency and cost, using the latest in printing technology to deliver cutting edge digital printing options. Our advanced print-on-demand technology provides what you want when you want it. No more inventory, no more obsolete stock. Inventory or warehousing can be things of the past, and if you are a printer or wholesaler, no more prepress expenses associated with conventional printing processes.

[NAME] digital printing is the future of printing and delivers high quality, quick turnarounds and shipped direct to customers. Apparel, Mugs, Mouse mats, Posters, and Puzzles ... printed with digital speed and precision.

Printing techniques

At Coyote T-shirts we offer four different customization techniques. The most advanced, vibrant and fast printing technique is Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing. Embroidery is the most elegent looking customization technique but there are some limitation like if there is gradients in your artwork than it needs to covert into solid colors. We also offer heat transfer technique that includes vinyl cutting and transfering it on the garment by applying high heat and heavy pressure. Screenprinting technique is the oldest and cheapest technolog to print on garment but again there are limitation to print a multi color artwork.

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Direct to Garment
Heat Transfer
Screen Printing
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