Bringing your own garment is an option, if…

– the garments are brand new and have never been worn

– you understand we do not guarantee our process will work as intended on your garments, because we don’t know if our process will take on your shirt.  We’ve tested many different styles and brands of shirts, and we’ve settled on what works best with our process that we are comfortable guaranteeing.  About 10% of the time, store-bought shirts have something sprayed on them that inhibits our process, or the tag miss-states the content, or the dye reacts with our catalyst, or the material cannot take our heat press.

There will be an extra $0.25/garment applied for un-bagging the bagged garments. We will not repack the shirts in its original package. Also, please remove all the tags, stickers, price or size labels from the garments before providing us and we will not be responsible for the glue residue or marks on your brought-in garments.

Please be advised, we cannot pay you for your retail costs if our process fails on a shirt or if any human/machine error occurs.

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